Organic, ethical and sustainable Brands

Organic, ethical and sustainable Brands


POPUPSHOP passion is to make everlasting organic basic wear that is both sustainable and high on quality. Their products are basic, classic, and always in-style clothes, easy to wear, mix and match. With this in mind, their aim is to make fair products, both for the customer and for the people involved in all stages of the production.
The cotton grows in cotton fields in Turkey, in areas where weather and climate conditions are perfect for this form of agriculture. The cotton is grown organically, and is not treated with any pesticides or chemicals.
The products are sustainably certified by the Peterson Control Union Group. The Peterson Control Union Group has the knowledge and experience within global textile market, to make sure everything from raw material / harvesting / processing / manufacturing & the use of dyes is made in a sustainable way.
When the cotton is extracted and developed into textile it is brought to the nearby factory (also in Turkey) where educated staff prepares and dyes the textile.
Through their close collaboration, presence and ties with the factory in Turkey they can personally ensure that the best working conditions are provided. The GOTS certificate also covers this part of the production as well as fair trade conditions.


Bonjour Maurice is a beautiful and very smart brand designed by two young Belgian ladies we have the chance to live close by to. When you buy a Bonjour Maurice garment, you buy a piece you can turn around and therefore, you buy not one piece but two. It’s like “buy one, get one free”! Your child will therefore also be able to choose which side he or she wants to wear, which makes it even more fun!
Moreover, the clothes are progressive and have elastic waistbands and hems to roll in order for the garment to adapt to their growth.
Bonjour Maurice clothes are made in Portugal, near Porto, with a GOTS certified label. All their material is made from organic agriculture. The cotton patterns are made in the United States and the jerseys in Portugal less than a mile from the workshop. Everything is GOTS certified. The boutons are in natural wood, made in France.


Noeser only uses organic cotton. Organic cotton doesn’t contain harmful products and is therefore better for babies’ skin. Organic cotton breathes better and is softer.
About 80% of Noeser garment is made in a factory in Turkey with a GOTS certification. As it is GOTS certified, following requirements have to be met: control over production conditions, waste treatment, transport, packaging and use of chemicals. They have a strong bond with the factory that they visit twice a year.
The remaining production comes from Portugal. The factory in Portugal doesn’t have a GOTS certificate but does uses organic cotton. Noeser have checked for themselves the work conditions and have also verified that the cotton used is not genetically modified. No pesticides are used and the coloring of the clothes is done as naturally as possible.
On top of that, all of the Noeser labels are from recycled paper and once a year they give away their samples to a good cause. They have also donated to a Dutch organization called “Babyspullen”.
As their motto is “Be nutty, be Nice” they think of all small changes/steps towards a better environment as using the bike as much as possible, carpooling, printing less etc…
A real little hummingbird to us 😊


All Serendipity cotton styles are made from 100% organic cotton yarns that are GOTS certified and their products are also GOTS certified in full finish. This means the entire production process from cotton growth and spinning to finished production live up to the standards set forward in Global Organic Textile Standards.

Furthermore, all cotton garments are Fair Trade certified (SA 8000). Their cotton suppliers are also Flo-Cert certified which guarantees fair trade in the entire production chain.

Serendipity knitted garments such as the tees, leggings, sweat & velour styles are made from melange yarns, where each fiber is dyed – as opposed to dying the yarn, fabric or even garment. The result is fabrics with amazing softness. It also means that even solid melange coloured garments have a deep long-lasting colour.

All buttons are made from either seashell – coconut or taugua nut. When a natural alternative is not possible as for Zippers and push buttons, they are careful to choose products that are nickel free and YKK approved.

All Serendipity cotton styles are produced in India, where the certified organic cotton is also grown. This means the entire production from growth of cotton and production of textiles to the finished garment is produced in one area thus avoiding excess transportation

A very complete and transparent brand to Smart Bandit!


Little Label’s (Dutch brand) prime focus in production are quality, everlasting designs and sustainability. About 60% of Little Label’s production is made out of organic cotton and their aim is to increase that number in the coming months. They have been producing at the same factories for years, which are also GOTS certified. At least once a year, they visit the facilities and have intensive contacts with them.
They also work with the Wings of Support, an initiative coming from employees of KLM, the Dutch Airline Company.  Wings of Support’s purpose is to help children in countries that KLM flies to by means of facilitating education, shelter and medical care. They regularly receive leftover garments of unapproved models from Little Label, which they consequently distribute to their different projects.
Nice to know that they make many kids happy with this initiative!


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