Our Story

We Believe

We believe in the future but we know that we have to take action now.

We believe in sustainability and we believe that we all need to think seriously about how we can make this planet cleaner, in every decision we make.

We believe in our children who are spontaneously attracted to nature and all living beings. As parents we need to maintain and grow their internal flame, guiding them towards respect of the planet and people.

We believe our values can apply to the clothes of our children. In choosing brands that are aware of their environmental and social footprint and act upon it.

Smart Bandit aims for this better consumerism.  And wants to stay close with day to day realty in offering a service saving time and money: with the return policy, Smart Bandit wants to encourage the re-use of garments and reward the clients for their conscientious apparel care with a fair value voucher, hence pushing the community to continue to support sustainable brands.