Quality Chart

Quality Chart

The principle is simple: at Smart Bandit you have no time limit to return the items as we encourage the circulation of children’s clothing among family and friends. If your item is still in good condition, feel free to return it.

But before returning the garment, just ask yourself: would I buy this piece of clothing for 20% of the original price I bought considering its condition? Let your common sense be your guide.

However, if you can’t decide whether the item is ok to be sent back or not, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure to wash the items before returning – the smell of an old carton box is a no no
  2. We don’t accept stains,torned clothes or broken zippers. If a button is missing, we will replace it.
  3. Don’t return half of any pajamas, but both top and bottom.
  4. We don’t like names to be written on the clothing tags, so here’s what you do: if your child tends to forget his sweatshirt at school and you hope for someone to put it in the lost and found box, use a name tag to sew somewhere inside the garment. Later on, you can easily remove it if you want to return it to us.
  5. Don’t cut off the brand label or the washing instructions – getting brands passed around is important to us and knowing how to respect the washing conditions of the clothes will make them last longer.
  6. Look at the garment, sit back and consider yourself buying it second hand at Smart Bandit: would you buy it or not?

If however, after we receive your item at Smart Bandit, we consider the item to be unfit for our second hand section, we offer two options:

A. We keep the item but do not send you a discount voucher. The item will not be placed in the second hand section
B. We send you the item back but you will have to pay for the shipping costs.